UKDC 2013 is being hosted at Nottingham Trent University’s city campus, which is 8 minutes walk from the main Nottingham (NOT) railway station, so the easiest way to get there is generally by train. NTU’s website has more information on others ways for you to get there, though remember UKDC is at the city campus, not Clifton.
If you’re arriving on Friday, then you should head to the Friday social which is at The Company Inn on Canal Street from 7pm, and look for lovely people from Nottingham Trent who’ll be able to help you out.

Even if you don’t need crash, please still show up there so we can check you’re registered properly, it should make things run that much more quickly in the morning.

If you’re arriving on Saturday the same “find people from Trent” rule applies, only at the dinner/social on Saturday night.

If you arrive stupendously late or can’t find anyone from Trent, give Harry White a call on 07572 726682 and he should be able to help you out.

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UKDC will be held almost entirely in the Newton building on the NTU city campus, which is handily the one Google Maps identifies below and sticks a big marker on. Having said that, on Saturday we’ll be in Chaucer for the main lecture theatre, which is lecture theatre 4.

Think a map would help? You’re in luck.

Want a bigger map with the whole city campus? Yay you get that too, click it to see it really freaking huge as a pretty PDF.

NTU campus

If you’ve got any questions, as ever, you can email us, or if it’s more urgent, call Leah Wright on 07917871992, though if it’s related to crash, call Harry White on 07572726682.
We’ll try to keep you updated over on the event Facebook page, and once our illustrious CA team announce motions they should go on there too, plus we’ll try to fit in a bit of succinct debater banter on via Twitter, if you want to tweet about UKDC (why wouldn’t you?), you can use the #UKDCIV hashtag.
As above, we’ll be meeting up on the Friday night at The Company Inn on Canal Street from 7pm, and then on the Saturday night we’ll be going to for dinner at Flaming Dragon, followed by a social at Walkabout, though some people are planning to head over to Rock City instead. On Sunday morning we’ll be meeting for breakfast at 9am at NTU’s student union, and there should (hopefully) be bacon/veggie meatish things. Regardless of age, make sure you bring your ID, as otherwise there’s a good chance you’ll be turned away from the social, and that’ll be sad.