Following on from the success of UKDC last year, we’re delighted to invite you to UKDC 2013, a World’s prep quality IV with a strong judging pool, an emphasis on providing useful, formative feedback, an affordable registration fee, and a welcoming and inclusive debating environment.

Our Chief Adjudicators will be Sally Rooney (EUDC 2013 finalist & Top Speaker, International Mace Champion, winner of the 2012 Limerick Open, the 2012 Earlsfort Open, the 2011 Cork Invitational and the 2011 DCU Open), Daan Welling (EUDC 2012 ESL Champion, WUDC 2013 ESL finalist, EUDC 2013 finals judge, 2012 Cambridge ESL and 2013 Trinity ESL winner), and Imogen Parkes (Worlds & Euros Quarter Finalist, 5th Best speaker at EUDC 2013, Winner of Warwick IV, Nottingham Open 2013 and many more).

This year’s UKDC is being graciously hosted at Nottingham Trent University and convened by Leah Wright, though UKDC as a whole is run collaboratively by an experienced team from many different supporting UK universities.

While we’ll be releasing more information in time, if you’ve got any questions, you can send us a message via Facebook, or email us